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Saturday, April 15, 2006


Thoughts and observations form a loosely connected monologue in my mind. There they stay. I generally don't talk to myself. If I do it's usually of the "Oh, shit!" or "Godammit!" variety of comment.

Some people though, my new officemate Kathy included, talk to themselves. All the time. Throughout the entire day. By 9:13 yesterday, I'd already been informed via her random muttering that...

"This gum is stale. I hate it."

"I have that guy coming in at 9:30. I have to prepare."

"This sweater itches. It's stupid."

These are relatively brief examples. Often she maintains a more steady vocal stream-of-consciousness accounting of every miniscule event going on in her world.

"I need a paper clip. Where are they? Are they in here? I can't find anything in here. It's a mess. I hate it. Every time I need something I can never find it. There's all this crap. Piles and piles of crap. Stuff hides in here. It's like it knows I'm looking for it so it hides. Here's one. No, that's not one. What is this? I think it's part of the phone. I think it fell off the phone. What a piece of junk. The equipment here is falling apart. One of these days the whole place is just going fall completely...oh, here's one of those binder clips. It's a binder clip. I'll just use this. Yeah, that'll work. Yeah. Perfect. OK. Problem solved. I just hope that, oh, see, no. No, no, no, no. This is too bulky. It'll stick out. I hate that. It's bulky, it sticks out, it looks like a fourth grader put it together. Oh, well. I don't have time to futz with this. I have that guy coming in. I'll just have to deal with it. But I hate it."

I find this behavior extremely strange. Am I supposed to respond? At first I did but then I realized that response or no, she's just going to keep on going anyway. I also noticed that Rajneesh who has been sharing this office with her for almost a year NEVER responds to any of her scattered comments. I must learn from the master.



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