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Friday, September 02, 2005


So this part's kind of funny, I think, anyway. Attempt #1 failed and certainly raised more questions than it answered, but I still had an email address for Jack to try. Now, Jack and I had a, hmm, complicated relationship. As is the case in most bands, we injected one another with varying degrees of hatred, joy, conflict, support, hatred, resentment, inspiration, betrayal, "love," oh, yeah, and hatred. Did I mention the hatred? Actually, that's beside the point but a manifestation of the hatred is that I feel compelled to point it out. All that aside, one thing to be said for Jack and me is that we had the potential to be excruciatingly honest with each other. We often were not, but the potential was always there.

So when I typed in the email address I had for Jack, and tabbed to the message field, here's what I said.

Obviously, for purposes here I blurred out the part from Al's wife. She doesn't need weirdos like me spreading her words of grief throughout the internet.

So I was blunt. Honest. Tellin' it like is. Jack, Al's dead. I can do that with Jack. He gets it.

Unfortunately, here's the reply I received the next day.

I love that fact that this total stranger had such sympathy that he said he was sorry to hear about Al.

So, I never got in touch with Jack although I left a last ditch message at another number I had. No response. Here I am in Houston, friggin' Texas now. Tomorrow I drive north for 2 hours to get to Onalaska on Lake Livingston for the memorial service. There are at least two or three cells in my body that are still holding out hope that Jack will be there.


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