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Tuesday, August 02, 2005


Our den redesign is approaching completion, although having just written that I'm realizing how much this is more beginning than an end.

It all started months ago when Cindy and I sat on our 8-year old half-price Macy's floor sample couch and heard an undeniable creak. The weeks that followed included squeaks, cracks, pops, boings and groans. Finding a worthy replacement was an adventure in itself that included trips to many warehouses. We ended up getting a couch from the same store where we got our dining room set. It arrived last week (slightly damaged – "bastards!").

This couch is a good foot and a half longer than the old one so some rearranging was required. We decided the best thing to do was to basically flip the room so the couch is where the TV was and vice versa. We have surround sound so speakers needed to be repositioned. I thought I was so clever when we first moved in carefully running the speaker wires behind the baseboards and inside the walls. Well, of course all that had to be re-done. Anytime you put holes in the wall, it means days of patching, priming and painting and waiting for things to dry. Last night and today I put on the final coat of paint and cleaned the floor. Finally, finally, finally we can put the furniture back in and, gee, relax on our new couch. We still need to figure some things out – we need a carpet, we need to decide on a place for our 20 feet of LPs, we have nothing to put our stereo on – which is why I'm now feeling like the project is really only now getting under way.


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